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"Hello godmother."

"Hello, beastie."

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"Hello godmother."

"Hello, beastie."

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I know you didn’t want to wait [to get married]. I know that was me and I’m done now. I’m done

This moment. 

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Thoughts on Maleficent..

1. I ship Malora so hard. 

2. I love how the definition, or rather the interpretation of true love is slowly evolving. The meaning behind it runs so much deeper now, in a sense that true love comes in different shapes and forms. And that’s also why I love Frozen and OUAT so much.

3. Angelina Jolie and Lana Parrilla need to be in a movie together.. Like I’m so sure the movie will win a shit ton of Oscars.

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Frozen/Maleficent parallels: 2/?

Maleficent gifs source: 1, 2, 3
(rest are from searching google)

Note: I was thinking of using this gif because the parallel is that Maleficent was consumed with hatred and revenge, while Elsa was wholly consumed with fear. In the end I thought it was better to show the moment when both realized how they have hurt the one closest to their heart.

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"you’re my fairy godmother" more like "you’re my hella gay lover"